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As a reliable and responsible partner, we stand by the companies that want to conduct business wisely and achieve excellent business results.

About us

Coface PKZ is a reliable and responsible partner for credit insurance that helps companies to achieve business excellence on both domestic and foreign markets.

Over the period of more than 20 years of operation, we have successfully contributed to the economic growth of many companies and developed flexible insurance services. The flexibility of our services enables us to achieve what is most important to the companies we work with—focusing on you and the nature of your company, hearing your expectations, wishes and needs, and moving toward them.

Coface PKZ is a specialized credit insurance  company with the prevailing market share in credit insurance among insurance companies with registered offices in Slovenia. We annually insure almost 6 billion EUR of turnover and are successfully cooperating with most Slovenian export companies that export to over 100 countries on all continents.

We are a proud and active member of the International Credit Insurance and Surety Association (ICISA) and are successfully participating in the Berne Union, the international association of credit and investment insurance.

Why do business with us?

  1. 1

    Assistance of recognized regional experts

    Business with us grants you support of recognized regional experts with numerous business connections in countries of SE Europe as well as a wide network of credit rating and debt-collectiong agencies. This guarantees you quality and fast collection of receivables and a successful prevention of loss events.

  2. 2

    Proficiency of a specialized credit insurance company

    We are the only specialized credit insurance company with a registered office in Slovenia that also operates in Croatia. We are offering a long-term and reliable partnership by undertaking your risks and providing you with the expertise of a devoted professional team. We stand by you in crisis situations.

  3. 3

    Personal approach and doing business in your native language

    Coface PKZ has a registered office in Slovenia which makes regular personal meetings possible. We have an in-depth knowledge of the business operations in our country and do business in your native language which is contributing to a genuine partnership.

  4. 4

    Customized service

    Our flexible services are of key importance for a personalized cooperation with you and your undertaking, and mostly allow us to fully devote ourselves to you so we can ‘reach for the stars’.

  5. 5

    Trusted by the majority of Slovenian business for over 20 years

    The reputation of the Coface PKZ is confirmed by the fact that the majority of the largest Slovenian businesses and export companies has been trusting us for over 20 years. We do business with some of the world-class reinsurance companies. Our specialized expert team provides you with professional service excellence and stands by you, especially when you need a reliable partner the most.

Who we are

Mission and vision


We ensure financial security at the sale of goods and delivery of services and with this we promote trade and economic development.


We are specialised credit insurance company with the prevailing market share in credit insurance among insurance companies with the registered office in Slovenia. Our growths exceeds nominal growth of Slovene GNP. With the management of the indemnity result we ensure adequate profitability. With our products we complete the whole offer of services.

The main principles of our daily operation, to which we hold on to unconditionally:

Values of the Coface PKZ to Common Goals; Safety; Openness and Cooperation; Professionalism and Fairness; Kindness 

Basic data about the company

Name of the company: Coface PKZ zavarovalnica d.d. (Coface PKZ insurance Inc.)
Abridged name: Coface PKZ d.d. (Coface PKZ insurance Inc.)
Registered office of the company: Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Identification number: 1903209000
Identification number for VAT: SI71824847
Share capital: 8.412.618,92 EUR
Date of registration: 31. 12. 2004
Ownership structure: 100 % Compagnie francaise d'assurance pour le commerce exterieur, 1 Place Costes et Bellonte, 92270 Bois-Colombes

Management Board of the company

President of the Management Board: Sergej Simoniti
Member of the Management Board: Mindaugas Sventickas

Supervisory Board

President of the Supervisory Board: Declan Gerard Daly
Deputy President of the Supervisory Board: Jean-Philippe Oliver
Members of the Supervisory Board: Marcin Siwa, Constantin-Alexie Coman, Andraž Tinta, Sanja Dimec


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Frequently asked questions

  • If we have credit insurance, does this help us in getting bank loan?

    Yes, the insurance policy improves the creditworthiness of the insured, since banks and business partners know, that you have your credits insured. In addition you are also able to transfer your rights from the insurance policy also to bank or other financial institution (assignment). With this you partly or entirely substitute other forms of collateral, which the banks and other financial institutions usually request, and as a consequence you are entitled to the better financing conditions.

  • Do you also cover the costs of recovery against the debtor?

    Yes we do, in the same proportion, as we have covered the loss.


Davčna ulica 1 (south entrance)
1000 Ljubljana

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