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The content of this web site is the property of SID – First Credit Insurance Company Inc., Ljubljana (PKZ) and is of an informative nature. All rights reserved. Information and documentation on this web site are under copyright protection and under other forms of protection of intellectual property of the First Credit.

Published information and documentation are of an informative nature and may be reproduced only for non-commercial purposes. Uploading, reproduction and printing of the content is authorised only for the personal, private use and it is prohibited to modify designations on copyrights, other notices on the intellectual property rights or notices on other rights.

The authors of this web site strive to ensure that all data and information published on this website are up-to-date, accurate and complete, but we take no responsibility in this respect, i.e. that that data and information are actually up-to-date, accurate and complete.

The users access to web site under their own responsibility. First Credit shall not be liable for potential loss due to interruption or unavailability of web site or due to any kind of error or deficiency of the content of the website.

First Credit shall not assume any responsibility for the content and functioning of web sites, which are linked with this web site.

First Credit reserves the right to amend this website – content as well as form - at any time, without prior notice.

Protection of Privacy

First Credit shall protect privacy of personal data of the users of web site. The gathered data shall be used exclusively to improve the use of the web site and for such purposes, for which users of the web site shall provide such data. Personal data and contact information shall not be used for other purposes and shall not be, without the explicit approval of the user of the web site, disclosed to third persons. We shall do everything to protect your personal data from any kind of violations or misuses. 

The right information is worth more than a hundred news

I am giving my consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of sending promotional material, notifications about new offers and sending invitations to events. I agree with the Statement on the Protection of Personal Data.

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Frequently asked questions

  • If we have credit insurance, does this help us in getting bank loan?

    Yes, the insurance policy improves the creditworthiness of the insured, since banks and business partners know, that you have your credits insured. In addition you are also able to transfer your rights from the insurance policy also to bank or other financial institution (assignment). With this you partly or entirely substitute other forms of collateral, which the banks and other financial institutions usually request, and as a consequence you are entitled to the better financing conditions.

  • Do you also cover the costs of recovery against the debtor?

    Yes we do, in the same proportion, as we have covered the loss.


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