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Peter Čas, Steklarna Hrastnik

»Accounts receivable insurance is a service which helps significantly reduce exposure of companies to payment indiscipline. I have supported the introduction of this service in every company I was in charge of for that very reason. Steklarna Hrastnik is no exception. At Steklarna Hrastnik, even prior to my employment, clients’ inability to pay was insured regardless of their reasons. Furthermore, an insurance company evaluates the credit standing of new clients before we make a deal with them. In the event that the client fails to meet the insurance company’s requirements, we are more careful in our dealings with them or we end the cooperation. The results show that today there are practically no accounts receivable write-offs at Steklarna Hrastnik company.«

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Frequently asked questions

  • If we have credit insurance, does this help us in getting bank loan?

    Yes, the insurance policy improves the creditworthiness of the insured, since banks and business partners know, that you have your credits insured. In addition you are also able to transfer your rights from the insurance policy also to bank or other financial institution (assignment). With this you partly or entirely substitute other forms of collateral, which the banks and other financial institutions usually request, and as a consequence you are entitled to the better financing conditions.

  • Do you also cover the costs of recovery against the debtor?

    Yes we do, in the same proportion, as we have covered the loss.


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