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Customized credit insurance

Avoid the risk of buyers defaults with whom you conduct business on open account.



If you want to remain competitive, do business in a responsible and effective way and simultaneously be more daring and self-confident when penetrating new markets, you need to be able to offer your customers the best possible payment terms. But what happens when your customer declares bankruptcy or has protracted delays in payment which is causing your account to sink into the red?

We make sure you can claim the payment you deserve for your effort and work so you can focus on your business development and growth.

In this section you will learn about:

  • What is the service of credit insurance
  • What can go wrong if you do business on open account without insurance
  • Which forms of credit  insurance are available to you
  • Why obtaining a credit insurance is a smart and responsible  decision
  • How to sign an insurance policy in only 3 steps

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is a tool used to protect your company against risks of payment default from your customers and to improve your current business on different levels. An insurance policy grants you insurance of receivables from domestic and international customers on open account and payment terms up to 180 days or up to two years.

What can go wrong if you do business on open account without insurance

Whenever you are conducting business with domestic or international customers on open account, you are always running the chance you will not receive the payment for the goods you delivered or the service you provided. The reasons for non-payment are different, but bankruptcy and compulsory settlement of your business partner most certainly stand out. This means that through conducting such business you are risking to lose a part of your assets and face financial trouble.

The credit insurance by Coface PKZ is customized to protect your company against dangers jeopardizing the financial safety of your company:

  • insolvency due to bankruptcy or compulsory settlement,
  • protracted default
  • customer’s inability to repay the advanced payment (prepayment),
  • other non-commercial or political risks (wars, riots, transfer bans etc.).

You can protect yourself against such situations by closing a contract on credit insurance. This way you are able to protect your company against the consequences of protracted default, bankruptcy or compulsory settlements (lack of payment discipline), and other risks. An insurance contract with Coface PKZ warrants you will receive a compensation for damage arising from such loss events.

Accounts receivable are an asset you are entitled to—protect it!

In order to sustain a successful and current business, you require means to cover your costs and to invest in company development. Accounts receivable are an important part of your means—they are representing the asset you need in order to smoothly conduct your business. Insurance of your assets in the form of receivables guarantees you economic security and better business conditions because you can be sure that your company will not suffer any bigger loss due to your customer’s insolvency.

Types of credit insurance

Your company is unique; that is why it deserves a service customized to the business and the nature of your undertaking. Experts at Coface PKZ are qualified to supply different types of professional services:

  • whole turnover insurance
  • single transaction insurance and
  • advance payment insurance.

Why obtaining a credit insurance is a smart and responsible decision

No company can claim that their customers are sound entities without any financial struggles; that is why we recommend all companies to insure their receivables so they can focus on developing their business and achieving the company vision.

The decision to insure receivables is especially crucial if:

  • you want to improve the competitiveness of your company and offer your customers payments on open account,
  • you would like to provide your business with a stable cashflow and liquidity, increase the possibilities of obtaining bank loans and improve your credit standing,
  • you are expanding your business on new markets that are at a higher risk of bankruptcy and compulsory settlement or have potential customers with lack of payment discipline,
  • your sales depend on a smaller number of customers that—should they prove to be default obligors—could substantially jeopardize your company’s financial stability,
  • you are conducting business based on letters of credit and/or bank guarantees, but would also like to have another, additional advantage with your customers when it comes to cooperating on open account,
  • if you are doing business in industries with a low profit margin that does not allow you to suffer financial losses cause by customers’ outstanding liabilities.

What else can your company gain from signing an insurance policy

An insurance policy does not only grant you safe protection against financial loss and a responsible partner for credit management but also other benefits. Worth mentioning are the following:

  • credit rating improvement, income and profitability increase, better chances for expansion on new markets and more flexible setting of payment terms to new customers,
  • we provide you with updated and fresh data on your customers’ credit rating,
  • professional assistance from our specialized team that offers you support, legal advice, consultation on modes of collections and other important information,
  • transparent and simple credit management using the PKZ-Net web application.

Insure your receivables in only 3 steps and start doing better business

  1. In order to obtain more information on your business, we ask you to complete the Questionnaire.
  2. You will then receive a customized offer in the shortest time possible.
  3. You sign a policy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • If we have credit insurance, does this help us in getting bank loan?

    Yes, the insurance policy improves the creditworthiness of the insured, since banks and business partners know, that you have your credits insured. In addition you are also able to transfer your rights from the insurance policy also to bank or other financial institution (assignment). With this you partly or entirely substitute other forms of collateral, which the banks and other financial institutions usually request, and as a consequence you are entitled to the better financing conditions.

  • Do you also cover the costs of recovery against the debtor?

    Yes we do, in the same proportion, as we have covered the loss.


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